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  • What courses and services do you offer?
    In terms of courses, we provide (1) private training, (2) regular group classes, (3) Projects, and (4) one-time workshops. Additionally, we offer our own line of sport products designed to enhance your athletic performance. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website (Booking & Shop) or follow us on our social media platforms for updates.
  • What class schedules do you offer?
    From Monday to Friday, we provide classes from 7am to 10pm. On weekends, we offer classes from 7am to 6pm. During these hours, classes include private training, regular group classes, and workshops.
  • What's the difference between body-weight training and weight training?
    Body-weight training, in contrast, focuses more on training multiple joint movements and functional exercises. It aims to enhance body awareness and core muscle groups (such as the abdomen, lower back, and latissimus dorsi) to alleviate the stress caused by muscle imbalances or excessive stretching in daily activities. On the other hand, weight training primarily focuses on training specific muscle groups using equipment. It aims to increase muscle mass and strength in targeted areas. Personally, I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as both types of training have their benefits and can complement each other. It ultimately depends on your goals, whether you want to enhance functional body movements or primarily focus on increasing muscle mass.
  • What's the content of the training generally?
    Before class, we aim to understand your basic level and specific goals as much as possible. For example, do you want to learn movements that require more pulling or pushing strength? In our first session, we will do some small tests and evaluations to determine your current abilities. Once we have established both long-term and short-term goals, we will use a periodized training approach, with each period lasting at least 4 weeks. The results of each period will determine how we adjust the following period's training intensity and goals. In other words, we will follow a progressive process. Let's assume your goal is to improve your basic skills, such as mastering the technique for pull-ups before moving on to more advanced skills. We will achieve this by using various types of small exercises. We will break down each movement into concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) contractions and strengthen them individually. Additionally, we will utilize a tool that uses your own body weight - gymnastic rings - to control the training intensity at different heights and tempos. We will also incorporate isolation exercises such as bicep curls and Australian pull-ups using the suspension rings to strengthen muscles used in lateral movements, such as the lower back, rear deltoids, and biceps. While we have set goals, we will adjust them based on your expectations and progress on your fitness journey. There is NO strict flow that we must follow!
  • Shipping Days
    For local customers, once the payment is completed, you can expect to receive your order within 1-2 business days. However, during public holidays or inclement weather conditions, the delivery time may be extended to 2-3 business days. For international customers, the delivery time will depend on the customer's location and the status of the logistics company. We aim to deliver the order to our international customers within 7-14 business days.
  • Payment Issues
    If you encounter any issues during the payment process that prevent you from completing the transaction, please capture a screenshot of the error and send it to us via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. We will promptly respond and escalate the issue to the payment platform for further assistance.
  • Shipping Options
    You can choose delivery or self-pickup service during checkout. We offer the following options: In-store Pickup (Kwun Tong), MTR Station Collection, Home Delivery, Pickup at Service Points, or Smart Locker Collection. In-store Pickup: There is no additional fee for in-store pickup, but the pickup time depends on the operating hours of the store. Generally, the operating hours are Monday to Friday from 7 am to 9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 12 pm. MTR Station Collection: If you choose MTR Station Collection, you can enter a forward slash ("/") in the Delivery Details address field to indicate that it is not applicable. Then, in the Delivery Methods section, select the MTR line where you want to collect the item. Choose the appropriate day and time slot. After completing the payment, we will contact you immediately to confirm the final collection location, such as Central Station on the Island Line. *Only available for Kwun Tong Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, and Island Line. Local Home Delivery: The delivery fee for express delivery varies depending on the order amount and specific holidays. It is determined by factors such as the delivery area and whether it qualifies for free shipping. You can find information about free shipping conditions, regular shipping fees, additional charges, and other delivery-related details in advance. Please note that if you choose the delivery service, each order is limited to one delivery address. In case of the hoisting of a strong wind signal, the issuance of a red or black rainstorm warning, or any weather conditions deemed unsafe for delivery by us, the delivery service will be postponed. We will contact you to reschedule the delivery date. The products you order will be delivered to the delivery address you provide through our staff or third-party suppliers. When the products are delivered to the provided address, you must personally receive the products (unless you have given us special instructions to leave the goods outside the door or at the lobby management office, in which case you assume the risk of loss for the delivered products in any circumstances). If you fail to receive the products for any reason, you agree and accept that we have the right to charge you additional fees or cancel your order. If you need to reschedule the delivery, you must notify us by email or phone at least 3 working days in advance (voice messages are not accepted). We will arrange one free rescheduling with the customer. If the notice is given less than 3 working days in advance, there will be an administration fee of HKD 200 for rescheduling. If you cancel, reschedule, or cancel our arrangement on the same day, the prepaid installation and transportation fees will not be refunded, and a redelivery fee will be required for rescheduling. SF Pickup Point / Smart Locker: If you choose SF Pickup Point or SF Express Smart Locker for pickup, please enter the SF Pickup Point/Smart Locker number directly in the Delivery Details address field, for example: "852NPTM". You can also choose to provide the detailed address of the pickup point, for example: "Shop 8, G/F, 480 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong ^852NPTM^". Then, in the Delivery Methods section, select the corresponding shipping method (check SF Pickup Point/Smart Locker Collection). For more details, you can refer to the SF Express website ( After placing the order, we will arrange for immediate shipment. Once you receive the email notification that your order has been shipped, you can check the tracking number in the email. International Shipping: For international shipping, we use the services of third-party carriers such as UPS, DHL, or SF Express. The shipping fee varies based on the dimensions, weight, and destination of the package. Therefore, the shipping cost may vary depending on the shipping region. Additionally, any estimated taxes and customs duties must be paid by the recipient. Furthermore, there may be specific handling fees imposed by the courier. We strive to provide convenient and flexible shipping options to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Payment Methods
    We offer various online and offline payment methods, including credit card payments facilitated by the Stripe service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay payments from customers worldwide. Additionally, we support Apple Pay and Google Pay for convenient mobile payments. Lastly, we provide different local offline payment options, including FPS (Faster Payment System), Payme, and bank transfers. If customers choose to make an offline payment, you need to send a screenshot of the "Transfer Record" and "Order Number" to the provided contact information (Whatsapp: 55334020 / Email: Additionally, customers should specify the purchased service(s) and indicate the number of sessions if applicable, referring to the order summary. Please note that if the payment process is not completed within one to three working days for any reason, and the customer is unable to receive the product, you agree and accept that the company reserves the right to charge additional fees or cancel the order. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the payment process, please feel free to ask.
  • Returns Policy
    In the event that you discover any damage to the item upon receiving your order, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We conduct rigorous quality checks on every item before shipping. However, if, unfortunately, you encounter any damage upon opening the package or during the shipping process, please contact us immediately. We will provide arrangements for returns and exchanges.
  • I am unable to book the class I want.
    This may be due to the class being fully booked or it may be a one-time workshop or project that has already ended. Please pay close attention to updates on the website or leave your contact information so that we can follow up with you regarding class availability.
  • How to purchase products?
    Please add the desired products to your shopping cart (Cart) and proceed to checkout. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and complete the payment. Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email, indicating that you have successfully completed your purchase.
  • How to book a class?
    First, select the class you are interested in (Read More) and carefully review the class details. Once you have made a decision, click on the "Join" button. You will see a calendar and the available time slots for the class. Select the time slot that works for you and click "Book." You may also see class packages available, such as a bundle of four or eight classes. After making your selection and completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email, indicating that you have successfully booked the class.












此外,教練還會利用一種使用自身體重的工具 - 吊環和滑輪系統 - 在不同的高度、節奏和重量下控制訓練強度。我們也相當重視執行肱二頭肌彎舉和澳洲引體向上等的分離練習,以獨立加強下背部、後三角肌和肱二頭肌等肌肉。










然而,一般來說,許多初學者發現水平運動最初更容易學習,因為它們需要較少的力量和更多的技術。例如,大多數已經可以完成後水平團身的學生通常可以在 5 週內解鎖單腿後水平支撐。再經過2-3個月的持續訓練,他們也許能夠接近合腿支撐位置,這需要更多的力量和協調性。



雖然你不能立即上課,但如果你仍然有興趣報名,可以先支付押金,即課程費用的一半。這將 100% 確保您成為該班級的成員之一!






閣下可以在結賬時選擇送貨或自行取貨服務。我們提供門市自取(觀塘)/ 地鐵站交收 / 上門派送 / 自提點或智能櫃領取。






如選擇地鐵站交收,可在(Delivery Details)地址一欄直接填寫填寫劃上(/),以顯示不適用。其後,在填寫(Delivery Methods)中選擇你想交收的地鐵線路,挑選合適你的日子及時段。待付款完成後,我們會即時和你進行對話,並且確實最終交收的地點(例如港島線的中環站)。













如送貨雖要改期,必需 3個工作日前經電郵或本公司電話通知(電話留言不接納),我們會跟客人免費重新預約安排一次,如不足 3個工作日前的臨時通知,重新更改客人需要付 HKD 200 行政費。如即日取消、更改、取消本司安排,已付之安裝、運輸預付費皆不獲退款,重新安排亦需要重新支付送貨費用。



若使用順豐自提點或順便智能櫃取件,請下單時(Delivery Details)在地址一欄直接填寫順豐自提點/智能櫃號碼,例如:「852NPTM」。你亦可以選擇填寫自提點的詳細地址,例如「香港香港島東區北角英皇道480號豐富商場地下8號舖 ^852NPTM^」。其後,在填寫(Delivery Methods)中請選擇相對應的寄送方式(勾上順豐自提點 / 順便智能櫃領取)。詳情可查閱順豐官網網頁 (。下單後,我們會立即安排寄出。當你收到貨品已寄出的電郵,你可在電郵中查閱物流單號。



在國際運輸方面,我們會使用第三方(UPS / DHL / SF Express)的運送服務。我們會根據貨品的體積、重量、運送地點而收取不同的服務運費。因此,運費會隨運送地區而有所變動。同時,估計稅費和關稅必須由接管人支付。此外,可能會收取快遞特定的手續費。




我們提供多種線上和線下的付款方式。線上付款方式包括使用由Stripe服務提供的信用卡支付功能,可以接受來自全球客戶的Visa、Mastercard、American Express和China UnionPay的付款。此外,我們也支援Apple Pay和Google Pay支付方式。最後,我們還提供多種本地線下支付方式,包括FPS、Payme和銀行轉帳。

如果客戶選擇線下支付,請將“轉帳記錄”和“訂單號”的截圖發送到提供的聯絡信息(Whatsapp:55334020 / 電子郵件。此外,客戶應該在訂單摘要中指明所購買的服務(如有需要請列明堂數)。請注意,如果由於任何原因在一至三個工作日內未能完成支付流程,且客戶無法收到產品,您同意並接受公司有權收取額外費用或取消訂單。如果您有任何進一步的問題或需要支付流程的協助,請隨時提出。


如在支付的時候發生問題,請將畫面截圖並傳送給我們(Email / Whatsapp / Instagram / Facebook)。我們會立即進行回覆,並將該問題發映給支付平台。





首先,挑選你感興趣的課程(Read More),仔細閱讀了課堂內容後,決定報名可按下(Join)的按鈕。你會看到課程的日曆、教練,挑選你能夠出席的時段後,按(Book)。你會看到我們所提供的課堂組合包,例如四堂/八堂等。挑選後並且完成付款後,你會收到我們的確認信,即是代表你已經成功預約課堂了。






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