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Deluxe Package: Cookie + Orio

Deluxe Package: Cookie + Orio

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  • Unleash Your Potential with a Package That Has It All
  • Ideal startup package to kickstart your fitness journey
  • Break the boundaries, preserving the essence of tradition
  • Product Specifications

    Cookie -

    • Size: 25 cm x 25 cm(circular shape)
    • Pair: 1
    • Thickness: 35 mm
    • Material: Birchwood
    • Number of grip handles: Five
    • Solid handles: 25mm x 80mm (depth: 5mm, 20mm)
    • Hollow handles: Circular: 25mm, Elliptical: 30mm x 100mm


    Orio -

    • Size: 23.5 cm x 23.5 cm (circular shape)
    • Pair: 1
    • Thickness: 35 mm
    • Material: Birchwood


    Straps –

    • Length: 4.5m
    • Thickness: 38 mm
    • Pair: 1
    • Material: White nylon heavy duty webbing straps
    • Marking: Non-fading numbered markings
  • Features

    Question: If the Cookie rings already cover all movements, why do we need the Original rings? Because the beauty of tradition and innovative functionality coexist.


    In the design of the Cookie rings, we have conducted extensive research with various professional bodyweight fitness and rock climbing coaches to determine the optimal thickness (35mm), size (25cm), and different grip options (five types) that best suit the Asian physique, presenting the most functional qualities.


    However, we believe that tradition is timeless.


    There are certain moments that are unbreakable, such as watching athletes challenge themselves with high-level difficulty movements on the rings at the Olympic Games held every four years. From their expressions, you can feel the combination of power and beauty in these movements, as well as the sweat and effort they have put behind them.


    We understand that you also aspire to be the protagonist of these moments. That's why we offer a deluxe package that allows users to have both the distinctive Cookie and Original rings in one go. Through this package, you can enjoy the following advantages:


    • Versatile Configuration: It’s all in one designed to meet your needs for pulling, pushing, and core strength training. Our gymnastics rings have been meticulously designed based on extensive research by professional fitness and rock climbing coaches, specifically tailored to suit the standard Asian physique. With a thickness of 35mm, a size of 23.5 to 25cm, and five different grip options, these rings offer exceptional functionality. You won't find rings with the same thickness on the market. Our careful design ensures a perfect fit for your palms, minimizing the risk of wrist slippage during movements or training, significantly reducing the chance of injuries.


    • Easy and Quick Installation: we have incorporated non-fading numerical markings on the heavy duty nylon straps for easy and quick symmetry checks between the two rings. Additionally, we have implemented quick-lock buckles for swift installation, saving you valuable time. With just a little park and less than ten seconds of your time, you can start your training effortlessly.


    • Suitable for Users of All Levels: We have incorporated five different types of handles to cater to diverse needs, covering exercises that require finger and pulling strength, such as fitness training, bouldering, rock climbing, gymnastics, parkour, and more. By adjusting the height of the rings, users can customize the intensity of their workouts, maximizing training effectiveness.


    Let’s discover a new dimension of training that combines innovation and tradition for a truly remarkable experience.

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