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Comic-Style Calisthenics Guide: Your Path to Mastery! A Must-Have for Beginners!

Updated: May 27

Struggling to get started with calisthenics? Let this unique comic-style guide take you on a smooth fitness journey!

Calisthenics Playbook For Push Pull Squat

written by YELLOWDUDE founder Wayne Foong Weng Hui, is tailor-made for fitness beginners. With lively, distinctive comic illustrations, it introduces core movements like push, pull, and squat in an easy-to-understand way, helping you train your entire body.

Yellowdude: Calsithenics comic style book

Clear and Beginner-Friendly:

The book not only introduces basic concepts of exercise science and warm-up moves but also includes:

  • Three main sections, each with at least seven movement options.

  • Over 300 3D images detailing each movement, covering basic to advanced techniques like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

  • Clear demonstrations of correct and incorrect form, such as trunk position, hand placement, and shoulder rotation, to prevent injury and ensure training effectiveness.

Professional Guidance, Science-Based:

I believe the most thoughtful arrangement in the book is the meticulously designed training routines, providing the most practical training reference for beginners. Although these routines may not need to be followed 100%, for newbies, organized, well-supported guidance is always better than blind, random training. The book -

  • Shares training routines for improving pushing, pulling, and leg strength, referencing advice from two experienced athletes.

  • Clearly lists movement options from Level 1 to Level 5, including reps, sets, rest times, and movement tempo.

  • Teaches how to design your own training routine, avoiding ineffective attempts and reaching training goals faster.

"If I had access to such a book when I first started calisthenics, it would have undoubtedly saved me from many ineffective attempts and helped me reach my training goals more quickly!

YELLOWDUDE: Internationally Renowned Calisthenics Brand

Yellowdude: calisthenics brand social media post

Who are they? If you've been following calisthenics for a while, you must have seen this yellow character. They are the internationally renowned calisthenics brand - YELLOWDUDE.

YELLOWDUDE is an extension of the Grave Gear brand, specializing in calisthenics courses and books. The founder believed that simply sharing product experiences or user feedback was too dull, which aligned with DAILYCALI's core values. Thus, he created the little yellow character to promote calisthenics information through clear, simple, and innovative illustrations, supporting trainees on their fitness journey and providing educational value and continuity.

Physical Books Now Available in Hong Kong!

Want to get your hands on this book immediately?

As a representative of the local pop-up store, DAILYCALI is now selling limited copies! Leave a comment below or fill out the form (link in below) right away! Skip the shipping wait on Amazon!

Official Links:

1.Order Form - Hong Kong specific, same-day pickup available

Calisthenics Playbook的Google form 訂購表單示意圖

2. Amazon Official Link - supports digital and physical versions

Calisthenics Playbook Amazon的購買連結示意圖


About Us:

DAILYCALI: Hong Kong Calisthenics Brand

This series aims to provide an in-depth, easy-to-understand interpretation of various books related to health, exercise science, and sports psychology, helping you embark on a healthier, more scientific fitness journey.

DAILYCALI, which means "Making Calisthenics a Daily Routine," has been dedicated to incorporating exercise science into bodyweight training since its establishment in 2021, reducing the risk of sports injuries and systematically improving training results. We offer diverse courses covering calisthenics, myofascial release, stretching, etc., and provide bilingual instruction in Chinese and English, as well as flexible class schedules including personal training, group classes, and workshops.

We understand that many people don't lack skills, but rather "Lack Confidence In Progress." Therefore, we provide rich "free resources" so you can follow the guidance to do full-body strength training at home without equipment!

Click the link now and register to become a DAILYCALI member to:

  • Get online class program for free

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on your first course enrollment


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