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Unlock Your Potential: Mastering Calisthenics Skills with a Pulley System

Updated: May 27


For calisthenics enthusiasts, the Harness Kit (Pulley System) is an essential street workout assistance tool. This kit is designed specifically for learning and mastering calisthenics skills. It includes a wearable harness, pulley, and adjustable rope that connect to an overhead anchor point, providing varying degrees of assistance or resistance depending on the skill being practiced.



The pulley assistance kit is ideal for mastering aerial movements like back and front flips, providing support and reducing impact upon landing to build confidence and precision. The kit can also add resistance for exercises like pull-ups and push-ups, allowing athletes to build strength and improve overall performance. The harness kit operates based on -

The biomechanics and physics principles of a pulley system. By adjusting the user's center of gravity and executing movements, this device can effectively and efficiently facilitate skill acquisition.
Additionally, it can reduce landing impact by gradually dissipating momentum, lowering injury risk.


By changing the direction of force applied to the cable and providing a mechanical advantage to reduce the force required for the trainee to move. This increases or decreases the load. During use, the load is the trainee's bodyweight, distributed evenly across the cable or rope.

Thus, the pulley system plays a crucial role in creating a safe, efficient training environment. It allows us to practice skills with varying degrees of assistance or resistance based on our skill level and training goals.

In summary, the pulley system helps:

  1. Distribute bodyweight evenly, enhancing proprioception.

  2. Adjust the center of gravity for more efficient execution of specific skills.

  3. Adjust assistance or resistance levels to meet individual needs and facilitate skill development.

How to Use?

You can adjust the level of assistance based on your skill level and training goals.

The degree of assistance provided by the calisthenics assistance tool depends on:

i) The harness configuration

ii) The type and length of the cable or rope

iii) The skill being practiced

Level 1:

Using a system with a hip circlet provides around 50% external assistance, as the circlet is near the body's center of mass. By reducing the weight of the center of mass, the force required to execute the skill is reduced by around 50% of bodyweight. This stage is suitable for beginners.


Level 2:

Additionally, weighted kits can be added to reduce the level of assistance. This stage is suitable for those who have adapted to the movements and grasped some skills but lack strength. Trainees can select a weight range to apply the principle of progressive overload for systematic training.


Beginners may need more assistance to cultivate proper technique and confidence, while advanced athletes can use less assistance to challenge themselves and improve performance, achieving step-by-step growth.

Choosing Your Pulley Kit

Finally, we've gathered different purchasing options for those interested!

1.Bar Dancer Pulley Kit -

This Taiwanese brand is our DC Training Studio's top choice. Its excellent design suits all training levels, and it's Asia's sole supplier. A must-support for an Asian brand!

street workout Studio in Hong Kong

2.G-Force Ring Dream Machine -

This high-performance product from Italy is renowned for its outstanding quality and durability. Its foot attachment method is more unique than other devices, and it offers vibrant color options - perfect for those who love a stylish workout setup!

3.Gymnastics Forza Kit Harness -

Also from Italy, designed specifically for artistic gymnastics but well-suited for calisthenics enthusiasts too, providing great support and flexibility. It features thoughtfully designed buckles and more equipment options. Definitely an international sports brand you'll love.


Purchase Links

For those interested in purchasing or learning more, we've included purchase links to conveniently select the right pulley kit for you. Please click the links below to browse and purchase:


Using the right calisthenics assistance tools like a pulley kit can make your training more efficient and safer. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, choosing the right equipment will help you master skills faster and improve athletic performance. We hope this article helps you select the most suitable training tool for your calisthenics journey.


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