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The Science of Workout Music: How Music Can Enhance Your Fitness Performance

Updated: Jun 26

Do You Listen to Music While Exercising? Do You Have a Favorite Workout Track?

Many people might not yet understand how music can influence our emotions and, consequently, enhance our performance during exercise. Today, I want to share with you the magical impact of music on exercise performance!

The Connection Between Music Beats and Exercise Performance

Research shows that playing music while exercising not only alleviates boredom but, more importantly, significantly influences our emotions from a neurological perspective.

When people hear music, they experience a pleasurable neurological response known as "chills," which includes increased heart rate, enhanced muscle electrical activity, and accelerated breathing.

This response increases blood flow to certain areas of the brain, such as the thalamus and insula, while decreasing blood flow to emotion-controlling areas like the amygdala and nucleus accumbens, and triggers the release of dopamine, helping to reduce fear and negative emotions.

The rhythm of music is closely related to the type of exercise being performed. Choosing the right beats per minute (BPM) is crucial for achieving optimal exercise performance. For example, a 2011 study found that music with a BPM of 125-140 can effectively increase participants' heart rates, thereby improving exercise performance. Although the study did not specifically address fitness/calisthenics, it illustrates that music works through a mirror neuron system, meaning we tend to mimic the rhythm of the music. When the music is fast-paced, people are more likely to engage in high-energy activities.

The Power of Music from a Psychological Perspective

From a psychological standpoint, music can influence a person's emotions, thereby altering their thought processes and behaviors.

When people listen to and enjoy music, their serotonin levels increase, leading to elevated moods. This hormonal change is also known as the "feel-good" hormone.

Therefore, the importance of music in enhancing exercise performance lies in its ability to stabilize emotions and improve sleep quality, both of which indirectly enhance training quality.

Recommended Workout Music Playlist

Next, I want to share some of the music I often listen to during workouts. These tracks have not only moderate rhythms but also create a suitable atmosphere for exercising. I hope you try them out and see if they bring positive effects to your workouts:

  1. LMF - 大懶堂

  2. Gordon國蛋 - 嘻哈囝

  3. 雷頓狗/伍佰 - 夏夜晚風

  4. Why Not - 無法度按耐

  5. 蛋堡 – 史詩

Here is our Spotify music playlist - 絲滑.爽涼:

The magical connection between music and exercise not only makes your workouts more efficient but also makes the entire process more enjoyable and full of energy.

Next time you prepare for your workout, consider creating a dynamic playlist and feel the difference music can make!


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